Saturday, February 2, 2013

Iliving App Review from the heart

I originally posted this on one of my TLD's but I figured it was a great fit for this blog, seeing as the topic is really kinda about stupid human tricks. The internet is a wonderful thing and I am a firm believer in its' ability to provide a steady stream of income to those astute enough to find a niche and jump on it. A prime example is the booming popularity of social networking and the basic human desire to socialise and make friends, find love, and or get laid. Yes, sex sells, especially on the Internet. The newest online boom is the App Market. With almost every household having one to five cellphones between family members, and kids becoming more technoreliant, App's have become the new hot topic at the office cooler, Move over Britney Spears and Justina Bieber, there is a new pop idol in town and it is called the App Market. So how can one make money in the App Market you ask. Well, there are basically a few ways you can cash in. First of all, you need to develop an app or find a programmer to develop one for you. At that point, you can either sell the App for money, or you can place Pay per view or pay per click ads within the app itself. Some App companies have released both paid and non-paid versions of App's, these are also referred to as Lite and Full. In some cases, the Lite versions of the App are scaled down or castrated versions of the full blown App, while in others, the Lite version of the App is subsidized by mini ad banners or sale of consumer information. On the topic of consumer information, many retailers and service businesses alike offer App's which provide an effective means of delivering timely information to their clientèle. The Media also uses the App Market to take advantage of the Internet as the new and upcoming Media delivery stream. So now onto the whole reason for this article. For centuries, there have been less than reputable individuals who thrive on taking advantage of another basic human desire.... The desire to be successful and Wealthy. About 11 or 12 years ago, there was a company, and I cannot remember their name, who made their money enticing individuals to join their group for a monthly fee. In exchange for this fee, they would get a space on this great new technology called the Internet. These Donald Trump wannabe's would then entice their friends and associates to join in on this wonderful new technology that would be sure to make them rich. These friends and associates would also pay a monthly fee and in exchange for helping scam their friends and associates, the referring “friend” would get a kick-back. If all went well, everyone would continue paying the monthly fee for this “valuble space in the new frontier we call the World Wide Web and, of course, invite all their friends to join in on this “Amazing free money extravaganza.” In legal terms, this practice sounds alot like a pyramid scheme, the thing is, the company did provide the Internet Dreamers with a web page, so technically, it was not a true pyramid scheme. The thing is, this web “property” was highly overvalued and really provided no real long term avenue for profit. Now enter February 1st, 2013. I am sitting in the Whistler White Spot waiting for my dinner to arrive after a long day of work. As I waited, I decided to surf the web on my Iphone, after all, this is the new media source and delivery machine for the App Market. So as I'm looking through my Email I stumble across an Email from a client of mine with the subject line “Money oppertunity” Yes, spelled exactly like that :) The Email went on to say “Hey I just hooked up this neat app program which lets you make money. Go to my web page. $10 nik name) I think it might be a gold mine just waiting for it to go VIRAL. You would be great with all your connections. I will call you later.” My initial thought was, crap, his Email has been hacked. Looking further into the nikname, I realized this poor soul had been taken by some “low life scammers” (IMO) taking advantage of the less than technical individuals wanting to jump on the App Bandwagon. Of course my curiosity did get the best of me and I wanted to know how this new Internet App market based “scam” worked. A quick google search on “Iliving App” brought up a whole slough of responses, the first page of which was filled with glorious testimonials of how ILiving App had brought individuals mass amounts of money. There was even one article which looked real enough, it touted one of the founders of Iliving App as being a “Great Graphic Designer”, as if that is the root of the success of all Internet businesses. The article further went on to say how one did not need to pay for the Iliving App, they simply needed to sign up under his “Team.” Yes, another wonderful marketing term which joins “Associate”, “Team Leader”, “Be Your Own Boss”, and my favorite, “Get Rich Quick” in the anals of shyster vernacular. So what is ILiving App you ask? And how will ILiving App make you money? Well, the short answer is, ILiving App will Not make you a Millionaire unless you are willing to convince all your friends to spend their hard earned money on the Iliving App, which for all intents and purposes, is as useless and valueless as the aforementioned website of 10 or 11 years ago. IMO From what I understand by looking through the Iliving App website, the Iliving App program consists of an ILiving “App” that does nothing more that provide the “owner” (Sucker) with access to weekly video streams, as well as an archive of said streams. Without actually watching the streams or paying for the useless Iliving App, my best guess is these video streams are nothing more than Hype and “brain washing” sales pitches geared at convincing these wannabe App Market Tycoons to “help” their friends and Associates join in on this “Wonderful Iliving App opportunity” (Scam, IMO) So for those of you still dreaming about the “riches” the Iliving App program will bring you, here is a break down of how I see the Iliving App and the Iliving App program. 1 – Person A pays for the Iliving App 2 – Iliving App collects $ 10.00 3 – Person A has friend Join 4 Iliving App gets $$$ 5 Prsn A “earns $” 6 P-A pays Iliving App Notice a pattern above, it is a pyramid, although I kinda changed the angle to illustrate how all the money ends up flowing to the wonderful folks over at Iliving App. Yes, Person A does get some sort of generic landing page of a “website” to sell Iliving App from and talk about how their Iliving App “Team” is the best team to join. Rah Rah!!! but how does this splash page compare to a website you can get for about $5 or less per month through this link? Own YOUR OWN .com Website for only $ 4.95 per month Well first of all, with the link above, you actually own the entire website, with Iliving App, you only get a page on the Iliving App website, along with everyone else who paid their $10 to join Iliving App. So let's review this again. At Iliving App, $10 per month gets you a generic page on a website, not much unlike the Own YOUR OWN .com Website for only $ 4.95 per month offer. This Iliving App “website” is not yours and will be taken away the moment you realise you are spending more money on monthly fee's than you can ever possibly make before you run out of friends. After all, who really wants to hang out with someone who keeps trying to talk them into spending far too much money for something that, to me, seems intangible? Yes, Friendless and poor, that is the ticket to success and endless riches, thank you Iliving App, but I would much rather spend my money on food and make my money by providing honest online information to those seeking it. Just so ya know, this blog did not cost me a penny. I get to have just as much of a space online, if not more than those who pay fo Iliving App. If you want a real domain, there is a link below which will help you out So with Iliving App you pay just under $ 120 per year and you get a single page within an actual website (NOT a website of your own) You also get access to Video streams which do not seem to offer much... this is not HBO people. With Own YOUR OWN .com Website for only $ 4.95 per month you pay under $60 bucks per year and you get your VERY OWN .com, call it whatever you like, maybe you like (if it wasn't taken) or Whatever your flavour, if the .com is available, you can Own YOUR OWN .com Website for only $ 4.95 per month Sorry to burst your bubble, Iliving App. Actually, I'm not. Just to be clear, the above commentary is my own personal ranting opinion and does not represent the feelings of those running Iliving App, Paul Woo, Charles Ponzi, Frank Abagnale, Joseph Weil, or any other well known stellar individuals. No, I am not comparing the owners of Iliving App to Charles Ponzi, the inventor of the Ponzi Scheme (Similar to the Pyramid Scheme)