Sunday, December 19, 2010

The "C" Word - Is Christmas Lost

There seems to have been a recent resurgence, of sorts, in this whole Christmas vs winter holiday debate. Ya know the one where society all of a sudden lost their balls (Christmas balls of course.)

The politically correct wearers of broom handles (Up their asses) managed to convince the rest of us that wishing someone who was Jewish, Sikh, Hindu, Jehovah Witness African etc was both racially and culturally insensitive. So, being the kind fence sitting Canadians we are, we happily obliged and put our cultural beliefs on the back burner.

Now schools no longer have Christmas decorations. If they do put up a tree, it is now called a "Winter Holiday Tree", or something equally as gay. The month of December in most Calendars now has mention of every religious holiday on the planet... Except Christmas. Businesses send out "Seasons Greetings cards" Because certain sales trainers and business advisers have told us mentioning Christmas to someone who did not celebrate it was, once again, culturally insensitive. Even I was caught in that trap, often pondering the religion of a customer and Googling their last name to see what culture it "belonged to", prior to filling out what was to be a "Christmas Card."

So what about "Our" Culture? Are we missing something here?

A recent newspaper comment kinda brought it home for me. The front page read "HOW DARE YOU DISCRIMINATE AGAINST CHRISTMAS!" Letter to Editor: Student fed up with school's unwillingness to use the "C" word".

Has it really gotten that bad? Has the word "Christmas" moved on par with words like "Shit Piss Fuck Cunt (or Kunt) Cocksucker Motherfucker and Tits?" If George Carlin were alive today, would he now have to add Christmas to his original and always growing list of "Seven words you cannot say on television"?

The letter was a very well written commentary by a North Delta grade 11 student named Chelsea Phelps. In her letter, Chelsea talks about a number of religious based cultural celebrations which have become accepted and celebrated in North American culture. Among these, Eid (a Muslim tradition) and Diwali (a Sikh and Hindu tradition.) Very wisely, Chelsea did not attack those holidays, she simply asked

"Why are we allowed to have a Christmas Tree in the Foyer of our school but the board can't post a simple message of 'Merry Christmas?'"

Personally, I believe we lost something in our search for cultural sensitivity, religious tolerance, equality, diversity or whatever shit you want to call it. Personally, I call it "Political Correctness gone awry"

At the end of her letter to the Editor, Chelsea Phelps of North Delta wrote
"I am not trying to start a war or create a struggle. I would appreciate it if we did not discriminate against anyone's traditions or beliefs, including mine."

Very well put, Chelsea, you have a great future ahead of you.

Oh ya, and Merry Christmas to you.