Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mayor Carmen Kontur-Gronquist of Breast Town Oregon asked to resign

There once was a town of Arlington Oregon with a poopulation of about 500 people. One year they decided to elect the beautiful Carmen Kontur-Gronquist as Mayor. This in itself is enough to get me to want to move there, or at least visit for the sightseeing. Well all was perfect in this little town of 500 until the Mayor decided to post some racy pictures of herself on her MySpace page. See picture below. Now the town of prudes is in an uproar because they wanted to keep the Mayors breasts to themselves.


It's too early in the morning and I really can't think of much else to say. I understand a mayor position comes with some level of respect and maybe the town doesn't want city hall to be viewed as a strip bar. But come on people, there are only 500 of you. Your mayor has gotten your town national news exposure. So what, change your town logo to a pair of breasts and have some fun with it.

Just a further addition, the Fucking picture was taken BEFORE she became mayor and was part of a fitness contest. Give me a break people. Word of advise to Carmen, get the fuck out of that shit hole town.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Condom Commercial

This doesn't really fit in the topic of this blog, but I thought it was kinda funny.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Father trying to set his children on fire obviously not enough for courts to protect the children... So he strangles the daughter to death

I was just checking my Email this morning and I stumbled across this article which just pissed me off. Apparently some wack job in New York stranged his 14 year old daughter to death because she sent a text message to a boy. As if that wasn't disturbing enough Check out the last part of the article.

The father is separated from the girl's mother but had visitation rights.

The girl lived in Pennsylvania with her mother and was visiting him in New York for the weekend. Police say the father has a history of emotional problems and was institutionalized after trying to set a car on fire with his children inside.

OK, so the court system seems to be getting blasted over equal parental rights etc. What the Fuck idiot judge (I used lower case for a reason) saw it appropriate to give some asshole who wanted to set a car on fire with his children in it unsupervised visitation rights? I really wish it was possible to sue the court system, because the wife really should. I wonder if the asshole will still have visitation rights with the other kid(s).

I say bring back chemical castration, crazy people should not be allowed to create children.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The second Amendment - Rednecks in the dark ages

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

With the recent ongoing in US Schools, many government officials and citizens alike are debating the value of the second amendment. Really now, is there really any modern relevance to something which was created to give the common free person the ability to stand up to an unjust rule or outside attack?

With the advancement in technology, does possessing a firearm really do anything for self preservation? After all, a foreign force need only press a button or release a computer virus to dramatically effect the security and financial well being of an individual, state or country. Now how is carrying a fucking handgun going to help against that situation.

Back in the 1700's when the second amendment was spawned, security concerns were much simpler in nature. A person comes onto your property to steal a horse, you shoot them. The south comes up to take over the north you shoot them. All these things currently the domain of the Police and Military. The need for a free man to protects ones' nation has pretty much been relegated to the middle east and other countries where civil unrest is rampant.

I'm pretty sure the creators of the second amendment had more honorable uses of the firearm in mind (As if shooting anyone could really be deemed as honourable.) Fact of the matter is, firearms have also changed since the signing of the second amendment. The single shot powder musket have been replaced by machine guns capable of killing entire families and classrooms with the simple press of a trigger.

Further to that, consider the effect modern video games have on the mind of a child. Filled with constant glorification of murder and desensifycation to violence modern video games are teaching our children that violence is cool and the spilling of blood is the ultimate goal in life.

All that in mind, is the recent increase in violent shootings in the US all that surprising? Yes, gang members and criminals shoot each other all the time... we are almost used to that. However, these shooting were different, the targets were random and the shooters insane.

Some argue, with the right to bear arms taken away, only criminals would have guns. Well, if that was the case, would the insane gunmen in these situations have been able to obtain weapons without the second amendment on their side?... Probably not. Sure the criminals would still have guns, gangsters would get wacked and a few unfortunate innocents would get caught in the crossfire, but would the right to possess a weapon really help the common innocent free person in a gangland shooting?

Monday, February 4, 2008

Speed Kills but so does Stupidity

I read something in the local newspaper yesterday which really shows a lack of forthought on the part of some schmucks out there.

Yes, I will be the first to admit there is a problem with idiots on the road driving far too fast for the conditions and their skill level. Even if they do have the skill to handle driving as fast as they do, doing so on the public roads is a recipe for disaster.

Ok, now that we have that aside, there are a few yokals out there who seem to think the cure for this problem is to restrict the speed of a vehicle based on the GPS position of the vehicle. Aside from the obvious fact this method has no way to account for changing weather conditions, road construction or traffic congestion. What about the situations where someone needs to get the fuck out of the way of someone speeding towards them and the only way to avoid the accident is to step on the gas and blast out of the way? Ya ok, the poor fuck has one of these speed retarder devices installed and is blocked from speeding up to avoid an accident.

Come on people, a little bit of forthought would be nice. Remember it isn't speed that kills it is the dumb fucks behind the wheel. I'm not pretending to know the answers, just bitching about the answers of others.