Friday, November 30, 2007

Canadian my ASS

Further to my earlier rant. I just saw this comment from the Graphic designer who created the fur abominations we call the 2010 mascots

SURREY, British Columbia (Reuters) - Organizers of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver used animals of Canada's Pacific Coast -- both real and imaginary -- as inspiration for the three official Games mascots unveiled on Tuesday.

The mascots -- or "critters" as their designers call them -- incorporate elements from real animals such as killer whales and coastal bears with those of mythical beings such as the sasquatch and the thunderbird of Indian legend.

"We didn't really look at other (Olympic) mascots. We just wanted something that would represent Canadians," said Vicki Wong, one of the designers.

Represent Canadians.... give me a break. I am a Canadian and also live in Vancouver. I love the idea of the Olympics coming to Vancouver, however these PokeKitty cross creatures are far from anything representing Canada. For those of you who are curious, no we do not live in igloo's and that whole Inukshuk thing has nothing to do with Vancouver... well except we have a decorative on in one of our parks.

As for these "mascots" the look more like they have a heavy Asian influence, maybe this comes from the fact the designer has the last name Wong. Apparently they are supposed to represent Native culture, but what does a Chinese graphic designer know about native design??? If they really wanted to go for native culture they should have gone down to East Hastings and hired one off the sidewalk. Probably would have only cost 'em a bottle of cheap sherry to boot.

I just had to add this guys blog

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Who the fuck is this Santa Guy anyways?

Well that is what kids will be saying if this politically correct shit is allowed to continue. So what if not everyone celebrates the season the same, if the Jews celebrate Chunnukah so be it, the Africans have Quansa and the Johova's witnesses have their fucking watchtower. Personally, I think organized religion of any sort is a crutch and followers are nothing more than sheep being led into a field full of shit. But that is my opinion. That is why this jolly old fat guy named Santa is perfect. There is no religion involved.

The thing is, as a free society we need to realise the dangers of political correctness. Children in Elementary schools are having all mention of Christmas removed from their vocabulary. Strangly enough, new holidays are taking the place of Christmas. Children are having time taken out of their learning curriculum to celebrate of all things, Diwali. That is considered acceptable, however, refering to a christmas concert as anything resembling Christmas or the jolly fat guy is considered culturally insensitive. So why do people get so offended by Santa. Is it the red suit??? Maybe he is too fat for public acceptance, hold on that would be prejudice.

Now ask yourself this... Really, how free are we?

Feel free to call me an asshole, that is your right.... personally I would rather you throw money at me but who am I to tell you what to do.

Let's start this with a bang

OK, I have plenty of things that just pick my ass and this is where I'm going to vent them. Sure half the world won't give a shit, but their opinion doesn't really count now.

So it is the day after VANOC announced the mascots for the 2010 olympics here in Vancouver, Canada. For the benefit of those who are not familiar with Canada and our customs here is my rant.

1 - No we do not live in fucking igloo's
2 - The inucshuk (or however the fuck it is spelled) does not represent ANYTHING British Columbia. It is purely an Eskimo thing.... Oh ya it is politically incorrect to call them Eskimo's They are Innuit.

3 - That brings up another thing about Canadian... We are a bunch of politically correct pansy assed pussies who are afraid to stand for what we believe in. Hense the relacement of Christmas celebrations with Fucking Diwali.

4 - Oh ya speaking of the total lack of culture, check out these creatures we call mascots. Apparently the bastard spawn of Pokemon and Hello Kitty with a spashing of what is supposed to be Indian (North American) is supposed to represent what we are all about. At least the Touque wearing beer belly adorning Marmot named Muck Muck (Which also means Cum) represents a little but of what we are about. But of course he only plays 4th fiddle to the Pokekitty spawn. I guess that is what they get for hiring a designer with the last name Wong.

5 - Oh ya, if that wasn't enough to make every Canadian shake their heads in disbelief, Quatchi is slang for Horny. A combination of Quivering and Crotch, Quatchi is the quivering feeling you get in your crotch when you get sexually excited. OK, at least that is abit funny.

6 - Since when is this the aboriginal games? I think that is what we are calling them now, when I was a kid it was drunks (At least the ones I knew of.) Yes it is unfortunate stereotypes happen, fact of the matter is, VANOC is making things worse by emphasing differences in cultures. Personally, I feel all humans should be treated equal... except of course crackheads, criminals, pedofiles and politicians.

OK, my blood pressure is high enough, time for me to get off the toilet and get to work.