Sunday, May 10, 2009



I know Canadians are typically fence sitters who tend to go along with the trend as long as there is beer involved but going along with this proposed move of Parliament would be just stupid.

The Bloc Quebecois brought forth a motion on Wednesday calling on the CANADIAN government to include SEAL PELTS INTO THE OLYMPIC ATHLETES UNIFORMS... Say fvcking what??? I thought the SEAL HUNT was banned.

I remember seeing images of the annual CANADIAN SEAL SLAUGHTER on TV. Hunters would charge around the ice on snowmobiles with clubs and beat the living shit out of these poor helpless baby seals. I know there is a whole overpopulation issue and a negative effect on the fishing industry, the thing is, the fish would be OK if the Fishermen would be over fishing. Furthermore, isn't there a more humane way to kill these poor animals. I'm sure a gun would be more effective and definitely alot quicker and potentially less painful for the seals.

You know, I started out being a supporter of the 2010 Olympics coming to Vancouver. I thought it would be a good thing. Unfortunately, as time goes on I am starting to second guess myself. It started with the stupid Pokemonesque mascots and moved rapidly into the farcical VANOC job bid process. You see, I own an alarm company and registered as a vendor. At first I received a bunch of unrelated opportunities in the UK as well as the rest of the world. After that, I received completely unrelated postings. Then the notifications stopped. VANOC phoned me asking for my email address because Emails bounced back. I gave it to them. a couple of op's came in and once again stopped. They contacted me again... apparently the screwed up the last time. I gave them the same Email address again and guess what... Not a fricken thing. I contacted Vanoc and did not get a reply. Oh well, I'm busy enough without them and taking on their jobs would inevitably have a negative effect on my regular customers.

After that, I contacted VANOC with regard to road closures and driving issues. You see, being in the service industry with customers in the vicinity of the VANOC office as well as across the street from the Olympic Village, I needed some sort of assurance I would be able to service my customers during the Olympics should the need arise. Guess what!!! They sent me back an email giving me the URL to a useless non-descript traffic plan which said "Use transit" Ya, I'm going to pack a fucking ladder on the bus.... Get a grip people.

As if those weren't reasons enough to be embarrassed by the Olympics coming to Vancouver, the Canadian Government actually passed the Bloc motion requesting SEAL FUR BE INCLUDED IN THE OLYMPIC UNIFORMS. Further to that, politicians are getting up and publicly defending their moronic decision to INCLUDE SEAL FUR IN THE CANADIAN OLYMPIC UNIFORMS FOR THE VANCOUVER 2010 WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES. Here is the story

The federal government wants Canadian Olympians to wear a seal product — most likely skin — during the 2010 Winter Games to help protest a European Union ban on Canada’s seal hunt.

Members of Parliament from all parties voted unanimously Wednesday in favour of a Bloc Quebecois motion calling on the government to come up with a way to integrate seal pelts into the athletes’ uniforms.

“With the upcoming Winter Olympics that will be in Vancouver in 2010, the government has a chance to offer some concrete action to promote seal products,” Bloc Quebec MP Raynald Blais said. “Today we are tabling a motion aimed at studying the possibility to integrate into the Canadian athletes' uniforms. Is the government ready to act to save an industry?”

Canadian Olympic Committee president Mike Chambers said adding seal products to Olympians’ gear would not only mar athletes’ performance, but politicize the Games.

“I’m used to those in the political arena wishing to attach their issues to the Olympic arena,” he said from Lausanne, Switzerland. “But this is one … that will not and cannot be allowed to occur. It’s our intent for our athletes to remain free of the politics that arises in and around the Olympic Games. The seal issue, while important, is an issue that has become politicized.”

The Vancouver Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games would not comment, as athletes’ uniforms are the responsibility of the Canadian Olympic Committee.

Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh was among those who supported the motion.

“It’s an industry in the Atlantic and I believe that our caucus is unanimous in supporting it,” he said.

When pressed for details, he added, “I’m not going to say anything more than what I have just said to you.”

Federal Fisheries and Oceans Minister Gail Shea said the move would signal Canada’s support of the sealing industry.

“I would imagine that the Olympic clothing is all designed and probably made by now, but I think it’s a good symbolic suggestion to add something to the outfit of our athletes. I think it would be a good statement for the Canadian sealing industry and Canada’s support of it.”

Seal skin has made high-profile appearances in the past — even on the catwalk. Inuit designers such as Elisapee Kilabuk have showcased creations as diverse as motorcycle jackets to bustiers in international shows.

Chambers said he it’s “doubtful” that the MPs wishes would make any gains.

“There are political issues all over the world,” he said. “If the IOC started allowing a patch on everyone’s uniform we’d all look like FI speed racers. Let the politics do the political thing and keep the sport to the games.”