Thursday, June 25, 2009

So Michael Jackson is dead eh!

Of course I briefly heard about it on the radio on my way home. I did a quick search and the media still seemed to be holding onto the thought that Michael Jackson may not be dead. So sad, to bad he'll be pushing daisy's soon.

Don't take my callousness wrong, it is a sad thing when any creature dies. The thing is, people die everyday, so why does everyone make such a fuss when the Prince of Pedophiles kicks one over the hill? Ya, ok so I'll admit Michael Jackson did contribute to the music industry by.... hold on, didn't he buy off much of the Beatles collection and refuse to sell it back? Oh ya, didn't he buy the bones of the Elephant man? Didn't he name one of his kids "Blanket"? Didn't he hang one of his kids off a balcony? Let's not forget the child molestation charges he bought his way out of. I could go on, but I think you get the point.

To make matters worse, some local radio station is honouring the freak of nature by doing some sort of Michael Jackson death tribute and the neighbours are blasting the crap at full volume. I guess I can't get past the nut clenching faggy vocals. If the songs weren't bad enough, they opened the phone lines so now the whole neighbourhood gets to listen to people phoning in and crying about Michael Jackson being dead.

So in case you missed it... Michael Jackson is fucking dead... get over it. Did I mention I hate his music. I know it is bad to speak ill of the dead... but this is Michael Jackson we are talking about here.

If you give a crap about Michael Jackson being dead or you just want to know more about Michael Jackson's death go here - Michael Jackson dead at 50