Friday, March 20, 2009

The Political Correctness Police Raids the Obama Camp

Anyone who knows me will say there is nothing that picks my ass more than those who are overly politically correct to the point of harassing people for making a simple joke. After all, humour is really one of the few things in this world that makes people smile.... well that and oral sex. With all the shit going on in the world today, there needs to be a little more levity. In fact, seeing this kind of levity coming from the leader of the United States of America is quite refreshing.

Obama was just saying he sucked at bowling.... give it a reast people. By stating the Special Olympics are "Special" you are already emphasising a difficulty or hurdle to overcome. In my opinion, in saying what he said Obama was simply stating he had a difficulty to overcome. Perhaps he is just used to Basketballs and getting used to these hard balls with holes in them poses a "Special" challenge to him.

I know Christmas is quite a ways away, but Cute Hallmark ornament eh!!!

To see the Obama Leno interview where Obama makes the Special olympics bowling team comment go here

Sunday, March 15, 2009


The OPEC Leaders are meeting in Vienna Austria this morning to discuss the economy as well as the future of the Oil and Gas industry. Concerns on the table include the global recession and how the OPEC MEMBERS will weather their way through it. For example, 60 % all revenue in Russia comes from Oil. With a drop in energy investments, OPEC MEMEBER RUSSIA is experiencing some financial difficulties.

It is believed the OPEC MEMBERS will be looking at the OIL production and PRICING structure to ensure they are not charging too little but at the same time they do not want the current drop in demand for OIL to continue.

Although OPEC has control over the PRICE OF CRUDE OIL, they do not want to control the end consumer prices. With Crude Oil prices far below levels seen last summer, consumers are quite upset over the lack of a price drop at the pump. We shall see the results of this 152nd MEETING OF OPEC NATIONS

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ruining the mood

OK, so many of you know of my "other" blogs... The ones dedicated to BEAUTIFUL NAKED WOMEN. Of course, since these blogs have adult content, the ads need to be of an adult nature. Simple enough so far right...

Well, this morning I get up (no pun intended) and after posting to one of these blogs I decided to check out how it looked. What do I find... Gay fucking porn. Not the nice LESBIAN PORN I am such a supporter of, but some dumb ass site which caters to guys doing guys... Needless to say, my boner went away really fast.

Just thought I would bitch about that. Call me homophobic, I don't care. I just don't want to look at dicks.