Friday, February 20, 2009

Freedom is conditional on your colour

This really picks my ass. Freedom of the press is guaranteed, unless of course you say anything remotely offending someone within the "racial minority".
Earlier this week, a NEW YORK POST cartoonist drew a little drawing of a monkey getting shot with the caption "I guess they will have to find someone else to write the stimulus bill." The thing is, politicians have always been the brunt of smacks and insults from the media, particularly when there is a contraversial topic. So why now, is it considered "Racist" to do exactly that? Is this now a new thing the media will have to deal with? Oh no, don't say anything bad about Obama he is black and that would be racist.


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Saturday, February 7, 2009

The continuing drama that is BELL MOBILITY

I recently noticed a major BILLING SCREW-UP on the part of BELL MOBILITY. Those looking at using BELL MOBILITY for their communications may want to consider the below letter sent to Cameron McQuaig of BELL MOBILITY

Typically, when it comes to business expenses, I like to think I can trust my suppliers. That combined with a lack of time often results in me paying invoices blindly. The other day I needed to find the number for Bell so I looked at a recent unopened Bell bill. What did I find... well first of all over $100 in usage charges. My plan has unlimited incoming as well as 600 outgoing and unlimited evenings and weekends. Since I rarely send text messages and most of my calling is incoming or between mates, this came as a surprise.

When I phoned your customer service, she argued with me (at first) "You made over 1000 minutes in calls" she said. When I told her about the unlimited incoming she said I should go over my calls one at a time to see where those charges came from.... Oh ya that is my job....

After being put on hold a number of times and wasting about 1/2 hour of my time she came back and said "oh it looks like there is an error, my supervisor will look over it and call you back"
A couple hours later, she did call back. lo and behold Bell tried to screw me. It turns out, not only was I being billed for incoming calls, I was also being billed for the previous month as if it was the current month. (All calls for 2 months being considered as calls from 1 month)

Of course she said the amount would be credited. Being in business, my time is valuable. Typically a couple hundred an hour is what I figure my billable value is. Combine that with having to fix Bells' screw ups. I asked the op if I would be compensated for my time and the breach of trust on the part of Bell. She replied.. now this is funny and insulting "I did give you $ 2 or so extra"

When I asked to talk to a supervisor, she said she was busy and would call back. Big surprise, nothing yet.

Yes, I am aware as a consumer I should look over my invoices. The thing is, I like to trust people and their billing systems. When it comes to Bell, I should know better because this is not the first time your system has messed up. I am not a conspiracy theorist, however one only needs to wonder how much money Bell makes from "Billing errors".